The identity of Sunnyside LA started in the year 2016 in one of the sunniest cities in America: the city of Los Angeles! They gave homage to the fact that the company originated in LA by naming the brand Sunnyside LA, which is also a take off on how Los Angeles is always sunny and the fact that Sunnyside LA carries and sells glamorous and edgy sunnies.

Sunnyside LA was created with purpose and pride. They put a lot of focus into their designs, bringing innovative and revolutionary concepts into this competitive market. By being creative with their materials and having a keen eye for visionary concepts, they have created unique sunglasses that are hard to find anywhere else.

Sunnyside LA designs with their customers in mind, making sure to always provide them with the best quality sunglasses. Connection to their customers is a top priority, which is why they have created a strong online presence.

It is very important to Sunnyside LA to provide their customers with the best sunglasses in the world.

Finding inspiration from cityscapes and strong architectural lines has led Sunnyside to inspire looks based on bringing classic silhouettes back, but leaving a contemporary mark on them. The high volume of popularity that streetwear style fashion trends have imprinted on us gives huge reflection to the aesthetic of our designs. We have combined our inspiration of vintage sunglasses with today’s trends into one cohesive and fashion-forward look.