Magic Lens Technology (MLT)

Sunnyside LA is so excited to introduce our brand new, never before seen technology: Magic Lens Technology (MLT). Imagine never having to continuously buy new sunglasses every time you get a scratch or mark on them. With this new technical capability, the sun is your new best friend! The MLT technology will repair scratches on your sunglasses right away and you will always look great soaking up the sun in your shades.

When the Magic Lens Technology was originally discovered, it was commonly used on vehicles. Through cross-border research, development, and design, we have successfully added this technology to our sunglass lens. Sunnyside LA wants to supply you with the best of the best and we know you will absolutely fall in love with our sunglasses. We are thrilled to bring you the future of shades. Let our sunglasses protect you from the sun, and let the sun protect you from having to buy new shades.

We are the number one go to shop for sunglasses. We are always on top of not onlythe newest trends, but also the newest and best technology. Think of our glasses likean investment for your eyes. They will always look great on, and with the help fromthe sun, they will never break or damage.


What type of scratches can be repaired without destroying the coating?

Almost all kinds of scratches can be repaired with the new MLT coating. Anythingfrom small scratches, ordinary spirals, and day-to-day wear and tear can berefurbished. As long as the technical coating is not damaged, your glasses willconsistently look brand new. Scratches from dropping them, key marks, or any basicscrape from keeping your glasses in your bag will always self-heal.Even though our Magic Lens will make most scratches disappear, it is important tokeep in mind that it does not work if the technical coating is destroyed. Scratchesfrom extremely sharp items such as scissors, knives, razors, and blades will notdisappear. Instead, marks from these knife-edged items will damage the glasses. Ifyou take care of your Sunnyside LA sunglasses, they will continue taking care of you.

How high does the temperature need to be in order for the sunglasses toself-repair?

There aren’t any set temperature restrictions that would prevent your sunglassesfrom self-repairing. This technological coating automatically repairs the lenses ofyour glasses with or without the sun.

How many times will the sun fix my glasses?

As long as the transparent memory coating on the film is not damaged, the autoscratch repairing capabilities is unlimited!The Magic Lens Technology allows for a quick fix to any scratch on your lens.

Magical Lens, your wish is in plain view

UV 400 Protection

Let us defend you from the suns harmful rays!You wouldn’t go out in the sun without protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays; your eyes need protection too.We carry the finest lenses that block 100% of the suns detrimental UVA and UVB rays. Feel protected while looking great all day.

Magic Lens Technology

The Magic Lens Technology allows for a quick fix to Micro scratch on your lens. Anything from small scratches, ordinary spirals, and day-to-day wear and tear can be repaired.

Sunlight Support Technology (SST)

Sunlight Support Technology (SST)

Set the mood; imagine you are at the beach hanging out with your closest friends, blasting your favorite song, and eating your favorite snacks. In this moment you are feeling on top of the world and happily living your best life. Don’t let eye fatigue, from the sun’s harmful waves and varying light conditions, ruin your day.Introducing our Sunlight Support Technology (SST). From daily wear to bright sunlight, SST helps contrasts appear more vibrant and filters out the unpredictable shifts from dark to light. Life is full of choices. Make the right choice for your eyes with Sunnyside LA. With Sunlight Support Technology, you can choose to live in the moment, make new memories, and get things done with an elevated level of perception and protection.   

Light Transmission 14%

 Lens Category:3

Scratch Resistance

Our sunglasses were already known to easily deliver a significant amount of scratch resistance. We are now able to heighten their strength and lasting effectiveness by applying our Magic Lens Technology treatment to both sides of the lens. With the auto recovery lens, Sunnyside LA glasses are the best source for scratch free sunglasses.

Blue-Light Protection

Blue light, which is a high-energy visible radiation, is one of the most common lights that can cause macular degeneration and damage tolight-sensitive cells in the retina. Sunlight is the biggest source of blue light, but it can also come from LED lighting and flat screen televisions. Knowing how important your vision is, we are set on making sure our glasses protect you from this visual health danger. Harmful ‘blue’ and High Energy Visible light can likely cause eye damage and vision loss. Get protected by using this technology.

Highly Defined Polarization

Have clarity and experience glare-free visionPolarized lenses, your vision will become clearer then ever! It is used to eliminate blinding horizontal glare off of flat surfaces like ice, snow, water, and wet roads. It will allow you to see without the painful brightness that makes you squint..

Drop-Ball Tested

Sunnyside LA wants to make sure our customer is getting a top quality product that will last them years. In order to ensure this, we make sure to go above and beyond and test our product with the highest standards. Part of the inspection process includes our Drop Ball Test, which checks the lens impact resistant ability. Impact protection is a crucial standard for U.S. bound glasses and lenses. The drop ball test is not only significant, but also an elaborate process. This impact testing consist of a 5/8” steel ball that weighs approximately .56 ounces dropping on the glasses from 50” above the horizontal upper surface of the lens. Then the ball within a 5/8” diameter will strike the geometric center of the lens. It is important that there isn’t anything restricting the fall of the ball, however, a tube may be used to guide the ball to the lens. The ball is then dropped through a tube extending to within roughly 4 inches of the lens. This trial helps us confirm that the sunglasses we are providing you are made with the upmost detail and consideration of design and construction.